December 2014

Wow! It is December already! Holiday season is in full swing.

In my family, we do not give presents on birthdays or holidays. For these times of celebration, we spend time together and celebrate. We do give gifts to one another, but not when we are "required" to do so. Instead, when the mood hits us, or the right gift presents itself to us, we buy things for one another. The "requirement" or the "amount" are never part of a Magi-like calculation. We try to give and receive in the spirit of the intention and our knowledge of the relationship of giver and receiver.

So, what does this little query of mine have to do with Tae Kwon Do? Well, I am lucky enough to get up every morning with the responsibility of teaching something I love to people of all ages whom I love. There are few gifts greater in the world. I view my relationship with my students and their loved ones as a privilege and responsibility. I am so lucky to have people share of themselves with me; so I must ensure that I honor this gift. Respect is a two-way street. Our studio is filled with individuals who honor and respect one another, the place where we practice, and the art of Tae Kwon Do. No one will find me a greater gift this holiday season, and I am lucky enough to receive this gift almost every day of the year. Of course, there are always challenges before me and in our community, but there is nothing special about me which would cause me to believe that I deserve an easier path than any one else. My clouds always have the silver lining of being a Tae Kwon Do instructor with high caliber students. Thank you.