All of our classes focus on acquiring discipline, conditioning the body, reducing stress and gaining self-confidence.

tae kwon do classes

Tae Kwon Do classes begin with a series of traditional movements known as basic form. By teaching focus of mind and sharpness of body movement, this warm-up prepares the student for the class’ workout. Class continues with an emphasis on the unique style of kicking for which Tae Kwon Do is known. All classes are at least one-hour long, increasing to 90 minutes for the advanced adult/teen levels.

Our close-knit, welcoming community strives to help one another realize their own potential and find the best in themselves. Steve's role as the instructor is to facilitate the process.

adults & teens

11 years old and up Beginners start slowly with a thorough stretching warm-up and a gradual increase in the intensity of exercise. On the advanced level, each practice inherently has an aerobic effect.

In addition to hand techniques, kicks and punches, members practice traditional combinations of movements, or forms, that teach balance and coordination. Consistent participation and practice should increase one's flexibility, strength, and stamina.


5 1/2 years old and up Our studio follows the same path of advancement for all students, whether they are children or adults. That said, our classes for children, while rigorous, consider age appropriate pacing and interaction.

If you have questions about our classes, please contact us.

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self defense classes & seminars

Steven Safran has more than 25 years of experience teaching self-defense technique to audiences of all ages. All topics are thoroughly researched, and content and messages are adapted to be age-appropriate.


New Jersey Tae Kwon Do self-defense seminars can be lecture-based with Q&A and group discussion. Or they can be interactive, with hands-on introductory instruction in self-defense techniques. Participants learn important maneuvers such as breaking free of grabs, avoiding attack and responding to threatening situations with power. Participants are encouraged to practice techniques in the controlled, supervised setting of the workshop.


Hour-long classes can be offered at the studio upon request for students who wish to gain a comprehensive knowledge of self-defense and strengthen their command of the techniques through practice.

Some of the self-defense skills taught in our classes:

  • gripping & grabbing techniques
  • punching & kicking
  • falling to avoid or minimize injury
  • hapkido techniques
  • moving to avoid danger
  • effective use of different body parts
  • releasing oneself from holds
  • tripping an opponent

Topics that can be included in seminars:

  • general safety and awareness
  • date rape & sexual assault
  • internet safety
  • bullying & cyberbullying

birthday parties

Our one and a half hour birthday parties include a Black Belt demonstration and an energetic group lesson that engages children with basic introductory Tae Kwon Do techniques. Host families are welcome to bring food, goodies and decorations to personalize their celebration. For more information contact Steven Safran.

summer classes

Our studio holds classes year round. During the summer there are classes, with the summer schedule created based on student input to accommodate for the different schedules that many of our summers have (day camp, vacations, etc.).

Summer 2024 Schedule

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